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Rubber shingles roofing: a cheap and attractive option for your home

Your home's roof says a lot about you and your taste. While you may not think that it has a large effect on the way that your home appears to others, it does. Your home's roof is almost like the icing on a cake. It is visible from far away, and can add, or detract, a lot from the aesthetic of your home. Your choice of roofing product can affect both the look of your home and how environmentally friendly it is. Many people find the idea of retiling their roof daunting, as this can be an expensive undertaking. However, there are a number of options today that can make this easier and more economical. One of these options is rubber shingles roofing.

You may or may not have heard of rubber shingles for your roof. Rubber shingles are a relatively new product, after all. However, they are quickly gaining in popularity due to the fact that come in a variety of styles, and they're affordable. Rubber shingles are shingles that are made from rubber, but that are designed to look like other shingle types. They are very convincing, and look like the real thing. In fact, you may have driven past several houses with rubber shingles and never even noticed it.

Rubber shingles can mimic a number of different shingle types. If you have a certain type of shingle in mind, there is probably a type of rubber shingle to match it. One excellent thing about rubber shingles for your roof is that they can match almost any type of roofing to the point that they are difficult to tell from the real thing. This is great if your home has old fashioned or difficult to obtain shingles. Rather than having to replace your whole roof of shingles, you can use rubber shingles to fill in any gaps, or as replacement for broken shingles.

Rubber roofing shingles are also affordable, which is always something that homeowners like to hear. They are usually made from recycled materials, and cost a fraction of the price of other roofing shingles materials. Let's face it, cedar and slate can be expensive. Rubber shingles give you an opportunity to get the look that you want for a cost that won't break the bank. In addition, the fact that they're made from recycled materials such as tires and plastic bags means that they're a good environmentally friendly option, too.

Roofing shingles made from rubber have other benefits other than cost and their environmentally friendly status. They are very robust. They can withstand extremely strong wind conditions, in many cases up to eight miles per hour. They also tend to be very light, which can be important in older homes or depending on the type of frame of your house. In addition to this, they make excellent insulators. This means that they can help keep the heat in, or out, depending on the weather. So not only will they look great, but they'll save you money on heating and air conditioning as well.
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